Monday, November 13, 2006

A Gift From My Husband

Chris made this CD tower for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. I love it. He always does such good work. He puts a lot of love into his projects.

The tower is in our livingroom next to our TV.

This is the inside of the tower with all of our CDs in it. As you can see we are running out of room. I guess we shouldn't buy any more CDs.

The CDs are in alphabetical order. That would be all Chris!!


meggie said...

Hi this Meggie just dropping in.
I love your CD tower! My GOM wants something like this, because I am such a music fiend!!
Good for your talented husband!!!

Dawn said...

I like the CD tower....
I am wondering about all those must have quite a collection..and music going all the time?

PEA said...

Love your cd anything handmade with wood like that!! Great job! I have so many cds, they are piled high in two piles in my living room..ugh! It will be a job in itself filing them all away alphabetically!! lol

Lilli said...

What a handy man!