Thursday, October 26, 2006


Today wasn't as gloomy as it has been this week. I went out to the garden to see if anything was still blooming. There wasn't much left.

I couldn't believe that I had a rose bud. It has been so damp this fall, I didn't think they would still be blooming. Our yard is still pretty wet to be raking up all the leaves, but we don't want them to kill our lawn either. Hopefully it will stay dry for one more day and we can get most of them taken care of when I get out of work tomorrow.


Jean said...

Can't believe you still have things blooming. Maybe that rose will bloom in the snow! Mom

Kerri said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for visiting and glad to 'meet' you! I popped over yesterday but Blogger wasn't letting me post comments anywhere.
Your photos are all very beautiful. I especially love this and delicate. What a wonderful surprise for you! Is the yellow flower Moonbeam Coreopsis? so pretty.
Your Adirondack pics are glorious. Sounds like a wonderful holiday!
Looks like the carnival was great fun. Love those pics. Your hubby looks very cute...sort of :) It's such fun to dress up :)