Saturday, October 21, 2006

Freezer Jam!

Washing of the Concord Grapes.

Smashing of the Grapes.

The Grape Juice.

The final product.

While Chris spent the morning in the woods, (he didn't see anything today) I made Grape freezer Jam. Our Grandmother used to make it for us every year when we were kids. I had a lot of flash backs today while making the jam. She would let us help take the grapes off the stems and she also let us help smash the grapes. As soon as I finished the jam I had to have a piece of toast. I think it tastes just like grandma's. I will have to give my cousin Geoff some. When he was younger he would only eat "Grandma jam", and he new if it wasn't "Grandma jam" I think it is so much fun making something that reminds you of your childhood.


Jean said...

Laurie, Great pics and memories! Mom