Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day Picnic

What a beautiful day it was for a picnic. Every year on Columbus Day our family goes to Allegany State Park for a picnic . We have been going for about 25 years. As kids we always looked forward to this special day because we didn't get to spend a lot of time with mom doing fun stuff because she always worked so hard. Mondays were her day off so it was always a treat for us.

This year, not many of our family members came, but Mom, my brother, his wife and baby and Chris and I are going to keep going. We always enjoy it. Believe it or not we made it through the whole day without someone getting wet at the creek. I'm sure that will change once baby J is old enough!

Baby J's first Columbus Day!!

We couldn't believe how bright the leaves were this year. It almost looks like the forest is on fire.


Jean said...

Awesome post! Your pictures are really beautiful. The colors are amazing! Great job! Mom

Dawn said...

Wow, Laurie...great photos of a wonderful day!