Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Week Ago Today!

On the Road!
We left for New Paltz, NY. at 9:30am. This was our first stop on vacation. We got to New Paltz about 4:30pm and found our motel. We went to a Blimpe for a quick dinner.
(got a sub and took it to our room)
This little town was a little different!!
We had to wait in a line of traffic for about an 1/2 hour because of a craft fair getting out as we came into town.
These sunflowers lined the road.

We had free HBO in our room. Thank God! (There was nothing we wanted to do or see down town!) We have never stayed in a motel that was so noisy before. Lets just say we won't return to New Paltz. We stayed in our room and got up early to go to our next stop. Our next stop was so worth the trip!!!!