Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day # 3

Wilmington Flumes
This is a waterfall we found as we were driving to a little town not too far from Lake Placid. We got out of our car and hiked around the area a little bit. It was a little muddy due to the rain we had in the morning.

This is Whiteface Mountain. It's where people ski and snow board. If you look at the picture enlarged you can see the ski lifts. The summit elevation of the ski area is 4,436 feet!! No Thank You!

This is the Olympic Ski jump. The 90 and 120 meter jumps are done here. I can't believe people go up that high on ski's. I won't go up that high! You can take a glass-enclosed elevator up 26 stories.

This is Mirror Lake. We stay about a mile from Mirror Lake and down town. Boating on Mirror Lake is made easy by the availability of sail boat or paddle boat rentals. No motor boats are allowed on the small pristine lake.